Anukoni Prayanam (Telugu)

Anukoni Prayanam (Telugu)



Comedy Drama

 Directed by:

Venkatesh Pediredla





 Story Plot: The film starts with two friends, played by Rajendra Prasad and Narasimharaju, who work as day laborers at a construction site in Bhubaneswar. Rajendra Prasad doesn’t believe in relations and is a carefree guy who minds his work. Due to COVID-19, their work gets to a standstill, so they start traveling to their natives. Narasimharaju dies on the journey, and this leaves Rajendra Prasad in shock. Rajendra Prasad decides to take his friend’s corpse to his native, and the rest of the film is about the obstacles he faces in this process and the things that make him realize the value of human relations.
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